We provide a variety of consulting services to get you started, no matter where you are.


We begin by helping you define your goals and examine the current state of your business. We then dive into discussions with your organization’s leadership about your prospective clients, areas of practice, and priorities for areas of growth. Perceptio will spend 3­4 weeks preparing a strategic plan outlining a recommended path for achieving your business goals.

This program includes:

  • Goal setting
  • In­depth Development of up to 3 personas
  • Campaign outlines to best address each persona
  • workflow outlines
  • premium content recommendations
  • Keyword strategy
  • Lead scoring strategy
  • Content Marketing strategy
  • Social Media strategy and account recommendations
  • PPC strategy (if applicable)
  • Initial set of blog topics based on keyword strategy
  • Recommendations on optimizing blog structure
  • SEO analysis and recommendations
  • Marketing program audit
  • Recommendations for leveraging existing marketing efforts

Once developed, we will setup a meeting to walk you each aspect of your plan, answer questions and discuss rationale behind each portion.


Ready to get your HubSpot account up and running? We offer a complete onboarding program, which includes:

  • Install HubSpot on current website
  • Install templates for landing pages, email and blog
  • Migrate blog
  • Create and/or connect social media accounts
  • Install or connect HubSpot CRM
  • HubSpot training (Two 1hr Sessions)
  • Competitor analysis
  • We offer a package deal combining strategy development & planning and HubSpot onboarding for $7,500.
  •  With this option work can be done simultaneously on both portions, having you up and running within 6 weeks.
  •  After that you are free to implement your strategy in­house, or use our retainer program to fully run your custom

Start with Goals! Our Goal Setting program will help you understand where you’re going and why, beginning at $500.

During these sessions, we work with the primary team members of your firm (managing partners, firm administrators, etc.,) to identify and quantify your primary business goals for a defined period of time. Over the course of 2 ­ 45 min. phone sessions, we’ll uncover drivers, discover areas of greatest potential and prioritize the goals based on what is most achievable and will provide the biggest returns.

Afterwards, we’ll provide you with a document outlining your goals and rationale.